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Finishing things...again.

I've managed to put an end to a few things this week. I don't know if I'm the kind of person who feels better after finishing a project or starting a new one. I have a bad habit of dropping the ball on a lot of projects, so when I finish one I feel a sense of accomplishment. At the same time, I have such a hard time finding motivation sometimes that when I'm involved with something that really clicks with me when I finish I feel like something just died. That's kind of the way I feel right now.

Like dandelion fluff blowing in the breeze. XD

For starters, I finally finished writing the rough draft of Chapter Five of my novel a few days ago. Before any of you start thinking that I'm just a great big slacker, I have to point out that Chapter Five took up an entire composition notebook, minus a few pages for extra notes in the middle. It's going to be quite a task to revise all that work. Sometimes revising is fun, though--like fixing up a new house. At this point I don't think the writing is terrible...maybe it's okay. I've read a lot of books that were okay, but not terrible. You can still get a lot out of an "okay" book, but when you're writing it yourself you have a responsibility to yourself and your future readers to make the okay parts as good as the great parts. Sometimes it's tempting to rush it out, especially when you're looking for acceptance and validation. I've always found it to be a big mistake to let other people read my first draft. I won't even let Kristen read my first draft, and I rely on her imput to make Draft Two into Draft Three.

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Let it rain.

I'm hoping that today's torrential rains will melt most of our snowpack. Then I can find out once and for all if my rosemary survived the winter!

I had really wanted to plant my poppies this weekend. So far it looks like a no-go. Yesterday we had some problems with our furnace again, and I spent most of the day stressing out/waiting for the repairman. This time our boiler was leaking water from its pressure relief valve, which resulted in corroded pipes that needed to be replaced along with the valve. Oh well. At least it wasn't once of those explosive soot and black smoke related disasters. The boiler was still working the whole time, but I was worried about water damage and wanted it taken care of immediately. That probably was a good thing. If we had waited a few weeks longer, we might have had to replace the whole damn boiler. That's $5,000 for you!

I keep telling myself that while it's annoying to have to take care of snow removal, heating, plumbing and electrical problems yourself, if you have to leave it to a landlord or building committee they usually don't take care of it until it's too late. At least, that's what I tell myself in order to make myself feel better. XD

Chugging through the Future Arc in ToGf.Collapse )

Munson's makes the best chocolates.

This public service announcement is brought to you by a self-confessed chocolate hater. Their cream-filled chocolates are to die for. So are their creme brulee chocolates. I know that they're a CT based company, but you can order chocolates from their website. Get a custom-made box. Dark chocolate orange creams are the best.

Almost at the end of the main story. 55 hours into ToGf.Collapse )

Or maybe not.

I guess I haven't posted in a while. It's been a whole three days! I don't really count picture posts as legitimate entries, so it really does feel like a long time. I wanted to post earlier this weekend, but it was so windy that all the windows on the east side of our house kept rattling like they were going to shatter. Miraculously we didn't lose power, unless I count the short blackout we suffered when I was in the freaking shower. We rely on an electric pump well for our water, so that really sucked.

On the bright side, if anyone dumps poison in the local reservoir, our water would still be safe to drink. Also, water main breaks don't affect us.

On the dark side, if we lose electricity we can't even flush our freaking toilets.

Lucas has been doing fine lately. I haven't posted about him because eventually everyone gets tired of hearing about the wacky adventures of somebody else's cat. We finally got him to jump in the cat stroller of his own accord. He enjoys it when I push him around inside the house, but I don't think it's good for my arms! That thing's about as big as a supermarket shopping cart. I wonder if I was wrong to choose the largest stroller I could find? Lucas is a big boy, but I could fit three of him in there!

On the book front, I've been reading Lilith's Brood by Octavia E. Butler. I got the recommendation somewhere as an example of a fantasy/sci-fi book written in "transparent" a.k.a "non-purple" prose. I'm about halfway through the second book in the anthology. I'll post my detailed opinions when I'm done with all three books. All I can say right now is that it's a fascinating book and very brutal, kind of like Saramago's Blindness except with tentacle monsters. And the prose is not purple, thank God. Anyone who's been following my blog for a while must know how much I hate purple prose! XD

I'm still not done with Chapter Five...but I'm getting there. My right hand is permanently stained with ink from my Space Pen, which I've decided I prefer to the Parker Jotter. I've been faithful to my doll-rooting ban. When I finally finish writing I'm going to bushwhack my Blue Bird's Song III Miu. Weep not for her! I have a very interesting hair color picked out for her that I've never used before.

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Bring on the warm-up.

I have several packets of poppy seeds that need planting! The yard looks pretty nasty right now. The snow dunes have shrunk down from seven feet to four, and everything's stained with mud.

Soon, I'll be able to take doll photos outside again. I hope you all like mud and dead grass! I'm afraid of what I'll find on the ground once the snow melts. I hope no animals got buried under there.

A little over thirty hours into Tales of Graces f. Spoilers up to Sneak Laboratory.Collapse )

Too Good To Be True?

They say our weather pattern is going to change over the next week. That means no more back-to-back snowstorms and warmer temperatures to induce melting! Most of the snow on our roof has melted already, but every day there are more reports of roofs collapsing under the weight. Every day I walk around the house and survey the outside for any sign of imminent failure. We look like we're in pretty good shape, probably because we have a steep pitch and our roof is only a few years old. Also, we have no insulation in our attic, so all the heat in our house has been escaping through our roof and melting the snow. :O Just the same, all these reports of roofs collapsing in town have rattled me. I can't wait until this crap is over for good.

I still haven't finished writing Chapter Five. Snow removal has been my top priority lately.

I've still been managing to play ToGf for about an hour and a half every night. That shows where my priorities really are.

TOMODACHIIIII! Blargh glorg glorg...Collapse )

Drip drip drip...

Today's the first day in a long time that we've had a temperature above freezing. Water is running off the roof in torrents.

I've spent the past few days doing magical snow removal (I quit) and playing Tales of Graces F for the PS3. Considering how much I had been waffling about whether or not I wanted to risk being disappointed by another Tales game, I actually like ToGF quite a bit. I've clocked about eighteen hours now. I've heard the game is quite short. Not that I have a problem with that. I have more of a problem with supposedly epic games that drag you through mindless clusters of events for 100+ hours. XD

Some Thoughts on the Game. Spoilers Through The First Battle With A Certain Character.Collapse )