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Much Better.

After two days of near-agony, my hand is finally pain-free! How strange it was--it throbbed constantly for the longest time and nothing really helped, but then I was making myself a cup of cocoa and POOF! It was like the stirring motion popped something back into place, and now it feels like there never was anything wrong with it. Odd, odd odd...now I know I wrenched something in my palm opening a bottle of Drano, not rooting like I previously thought. Kristen says it's possible that a muscle in my hand was snagged on a bone, and that I somehow managed to spring it free...gross! Oh well, it's good not to be in pain. I whined all day and night about it for two days, but I tell you, it really hurt!

Today's lesson is: Be very, very careful when opening those child-proof caps!

I'm almost finished rooting that mini-Volks head. I've decided to style the hair like that Azone Rocket Rabbits Caty's. I don't think I've seen that hairstyle on a mini doll before. Now I'd better do it! No chickening out and leaving the hair super-long!

I know it's time I painted another doll. My two weeks are up! I have an SH-06 boy with dark brown hair ready to go, but I wonder if I'm prepared. The past few days have traumatized me a little. After dealing with my injury and the pipe in the basement bursting again, I can feel my resolve starting to waver. Maybe I'll repaint one of my old dolls for this week's project. I need to update my page with profiles for Lucretia, Elle and Kumi soon.