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Just checking in ^_^;.......

Not much happened today. I finished rooting one of my SH-06 heads with the new NDR navy blue hair yesterday, and today I boil-set it. That hair is a pretty color (it's more electric blue than the old navy blue's blue-gray) and it has a nice gloss, but it was hard to work with! I'd compare it to silver and black on terms on fineness. I had a little difficulty arranging the hair in the plastic sleeve at first, because I rooted the head for side-parted hair with straight-across bangs. Of all the hairstyles you can root, that one sure can leave you with bald spots! ;_; It's not completely dry yet, but I think it turned out all right. The most important thing is to set the part correctly--the hair usually falls into place in a couple days. I think I've moved beyond the hopeless disaster phase of rooting; after almost 3 years, I sure hope so!

I have to apologize for the outfit Reiko, the doll I just painted, is wearing in her photo. It's Supermodel Ellie's dress, and I hate it! I'm running low on doll clothes, unfortunately. After Christmas I should be able to make some 1/6 scale outfits. Now that my printer/copier/scanner is within my grasp, I can't go back to free-hand tracing the patterns from books, I can't! O_O

I can't believe it took me until almost the end of my second run through Legend of Mana to figure out what the Forbidden Ring is for! Damm! And all that time, I kept trying to coax my pets to follow me and take some of the little blue experience crystals before they disappeared.....;_;.....I'm such a fool. At least now, I can level up my Rabite, Mushboom and Lizardon to my heart's content. ^o ^ I don't care about how weak they are as monsters, I'm just keeping them because they're cute! ........For some strange reason, my little lizard is the only one with a personality. He's arrogant. I wonder if I should be feeding him something other than Apricats and Peach Puppies? -_-;;......

I put Reiko up on my page, and updated Yanagi's picture. Reiko's creation info is almost finished, I just need to work on her background. I have her story already, I just can't seem to get my fingers working.