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Owie Owie Owie. ;_;.......

Ah, Mother's Day. I was working on one of my rooting projects (hot pink hair!) when the needle snapped in the middle and ripped a nice hole in my right middle finger.

My last rooting needle. My only right middle finger. I just held my hand away from me and shrieked for Kristen to put a band-aid on it before the blood started spurting out. (It didn't). It doesn't hurt much now but I'm afraid to look at it. Maybe tomorrow. Damn it. That needle was pretty bent but that's never happened to me before! I wanted so much to do some work on that head!

I watched the ABC premiere of the first Harry Potter movie with the 20 minutes of extra footage. More Snape and Neville--why the hell did they cut those scenes out? If they kept them in the movie would have been much better. o_o They showed quite a few scenes from the upcoming Prisoner of Azkaban movie. Like...almost the entire boggart scene. They showed a lot of Lupin! Too bad David Thewlis wasn't one of the actors interviewed at the end. ^__^;....

I have some comments and e-mails to catch up on. I hope my finger heals quickly! I'm annoyed at my clumsiness as of late; in addition to the needle-breaking incident I also kicked over my mug of tea this afternoon and it spilled all over the carpet in my room. ;_;


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May. 9th, 2004 11:03 pm (UTC)
::pat pat pat::
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