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Finished a Doll.

Merghh......I don't want to talk about yesterday. Yesterday was an awful day! In the beginning it was just mediocre, and then I made hamburgers for dinner and they came out all raw ;_;....They were salty as hell, too. Everyone just kind of poked at them. I only ate two bites....I would've cooked them more, but I was so stressed out by my mother and brother fighting in the kitchen (he wanted to go out with his friends and the roads were iced over) that I didn't even think to check them. I'm so used to overcooking hamburgers (or, rather, I'm so used to my mother overcooking EVERYTHING) that I thought that if I did them for a little less time they'd taste better. But they were gross. UGH! ::screams:: I guess that everyone messes up occasionally, but just remembering the look on my mother's face.....-_-;;.....she just CAN'T be nice about that kind of thing. Even though a few days ago she made broccoli bread, and the broccoli was so overcooked that it was practically spreadable. UGH!!!!

::kills self::


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Dec. 12th, 2002 12:49 pm (UTC)


I want your doll! =@_@=;;
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