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I just finished writing a message, and damn Livejournal ate it!

What did I do today? Um.....I made chicken with rice and carmelized onions for dinner tonight. It took me a long time, but it's a one-dish meal and one of my favorites. ^_^ I'm not sure if the parents were impressed at all, but I think they've started to take my cooking for granted. ^_^;;.....Maybe I should go out and shoot a buffalo for tomorrow's meal?

Guuh......we bought these cinnamon pastry twists at the supermarket, and even though they're low-fat sweets and I swore I'd never eat those again I love them. I could eat the whole bag in one sitting, but they're kind of sharp, and they cut my tongue on two separate occasions. ;_; ::mops up blood:: ::cries::

I did a stupid thing today. Even though I've bought all my Christmas presents already, I bid on and won a copy of Rockman and Forte for the Super Famicom. I know they're porting this game over to the Gameboy Advance, but I'm myopic and have trouble focusing on that tiny screen. I don't have a Gameboy Advance, anyway. When I get one, I want the pink one! ^_^

I also ordered a copy of Xenosaga for the PS2. It's backordered, and who knows when it will come in? Heh heh heh...that's just how I want it. It's not that I can't pay for it, I just would prefer to pay for it later n_n...

Why have I been so hooked on video games lately? This isn't healthy.

I'd like to say all this is going to improve my Japanese. ^o^

It's amazing how much porn-related spam I've been getting lately. Most of them aren't even appropriate to my gender or sexual preference!