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Sunny Day.

And here we are, waiting for our fuel company to send someone to vacuum our furnace. They said they'd be here between noon and 4 p.m., but--come on, couldn't they try to make it here on the earlier side? 6_6

I was outside yesterday with Kristen looking at the crocuses when the Cat came charging out of our neighbor's yard at us. Scared the daylights out of me!

I've been watching the new full-length HP3 trailer over and over since it was released on Thursday night. I feel like they've already given away most of the movie ^o^;....no more trailers, please! It was nice to hear Lupin speak for the first time. Apparently a lot of people were won over by his voice. That's good. I just don't know why some people were completely bowled over by how deep his voice was. David Thewlis does not have a high-pitched voice! He's affected one for quite a few roles, but in the interview at the end of The Island of Dr. Moreau his voice was surprisingly deep! O_o

It's quite warm today. I wonder if it's going to cool off later? It's almost the end of March, and April weather is so freaky around here.

I'm almost done with FFV. Just trying to earn some extra money now, goh ho ho...