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Ack! My Back.

I've been doing a bit of rooting today. Boy does my back hurt!

I got these Kotobukiya photo-etched eyeglasses for the dark purple-haired SH-06 boy I rooted a while ago. There's a girl I'm working on that I want to give a pair to as well...I tell you, when you get a lot of things in the mail at once it kind of dulls the enjoyment, because now that I've sworn off spending for a very long time once I tried the glasses on some dolls I was like "Man, these things are friggin' awesome!" They really are cute, those photo-etched glasses. The black-rimmed ones look nice on dark-haired dolls.

Playing Breath of Fire 2. I can't beat that @#$! demon Barubary (or whatever the hell his name is) and isn't this a trip down memory lane! I had hoped that over the past ten years I'd improved even a little bit, but I tried playing some of my old games that I found impossible and they were...ugh...I still can't get past the first level in Super Ghouls'N Ghosts. Super Valis 4 still sucks! I had wanted to rewrite history...;_;