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My Legendary Dolls.

For the longest time I haven't paid much attention to 1/6 scale dolls. Super Dollfies and other hobbies have been eating up my attention and free time, but occasionally I do fall prey to a doll that has one or two characteristics that always seem to catch my eye. Those being:

1.)Blue hair.

2.)Neutral or natural makeup on a doll with bright hair and eyes

3.)Pink eyes

4.)Short dark hair and dark eyes

5.)Being male but really looking like a girl.

I got my first very-close-up of the new Volks doll, Towa Setsuna, on this Japanese page:


She's achieved Legendary status! ^o^ Those eyes! That hair! I haven't seen such pretty girl doll since Miss Jenny 1.

She looks a lot like Hotaru from Sailor Moon, doesn't she? Funny that her name is Setsuna ^_^;;...