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^o ^!

oh ho ho ho ho.....I got Fuuka's red eyes today! And the two SH-06 heads I asked for, so cute and snug in their little box. Thanks, Minako :D! I couldn't resist putting the eyes in Fuuka, even though I promised myself I'd save them for Christmas. I'd been growing tired of her look, so....the Volks glass eyes are really pretty! It probably seems strange that red was the first color I ordered, but they look like cherry lifesavers ^_____^;;.......I have to say that comparing them to the pale blue Tallina's glass eyes I do prefer Volks eyes. The detail in the irises is gorgeous! I'm planning on buying more Tallina's eyes, though. They're $30 cheaper, and I'd like to get some 16mm eyes for Miyako, one of these days.

$68 for a pair of glass eyes is outrageous.....but they're so beautiful, I want to buy more. I want put to put them in my mouth, for some reason.....^_^;;.....

Ha ha....just when I had given up hope, National Console Support shipped my copy of Tales of Destiny 2 and my PS2 memory card. Stupid me, getting all worked up about the game being sold out when it just came out last Thursday. I'm hoping that during the month of December when my PS2 is languishing in its box, those nice Japanese people are playing TOD 2 and writing FAQs for me! :D

Kristen's plugging along at crocheting. I tried my hand at the chain stitch, and I'm pretty bad at it! I'll leave it to Kristen for a while, but I really do want to learn how to crochet, too. I love afghans. I want to make one in shades of deep blue and green--for some reason, I think that there's no better present than an afghan or a blanket. Maybe it's because my room is so drafty?

I made chicken fajitas tonight. I didn't even bother looking at a recipe; I was feeling too lazy for that. I just sauteed some peppers, mushrooms, green onions and chicken, threw in an entire jar of salsa (-_-;;) and dumped in obscene amounts of cumin and chili powder. The sauce was something weird with sour cream and more salsa--I remembered there was paprika in there, and I just kept adding stuff until it stopped looking too pink and gross. After I filled the fajitas, I put them in a baking dish, spread the sauce over them, and sprinkled them with cheddar cheese. I baked them for 20 minutes and....they were actually good! I remember now that I was supposed to put diced green chiles in the filling and sauce, but....:: shrugs:: we had already used them. I'll bet those were pretty fattening, though....good thing I only ate one!