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I finished rooting Emilie's doll today, and boil-set her. As soon as her hair dries completely I'm going to take a picture of her and give Emilie her first preview. ^___^ It's been such a long time since we agreed to this trade, and it feels great that I've finally accomplished something. Looking at the doll's hairstyle, though, I don't think a gem in the forehead is going to work. I rooted her for sideparted hair with no bangs, and if I glued some kind of decoration to her forehead, her hair would probably fall over it. Hmm....I'm going to have to think of something else!

As far as my own personal projects go, I have three dolls to root and quite a few to paint. I'm rooting an A-type head with NDR violet B hair for a female doll, an A-type head with NDR white hair for another girl (I'm going to attempt pigtails!) and an SH-06 head with the new NDR navy blue for a male doll. Ha! The only head I've worked on at all is the dark purple one. I'm giving her the body from my failed Dollfie Plus project.

I finally managed to find an orange color of Liquitex paint that doesn't cost $15! I'll probably use it when I repaint Yanagi. He'd better be my next revival project. I know I had promised I'd redo him before I painted Tsubaki....=_=.....

We had pork cutlet curry tonight. I managed to not dry out the pork cutlets when I was frying them, the dish turned out pretty well ^___^. Ye-ah, making curry from a mix is so hard! I'm glad we managed to find another store that carries Golden Curry--it's been selling out quickly!

Hmm....pass the salt.....(sorry, that's what one of my creative writing professors called writing that was mundane and pointless to the story ^^;;;)