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Itchy itchy itchy. And Cold.

But I like the cold.

What do you know? I finally managed to buy my Gaia avatar another piece to her outfit! ^_^ That's all for now, though. I would really like to make a doll of her, but I'm not sure what base materials to use. I guess I could go with the good old Volks Excellent body, but my question is, would she have to be white-skinned? I chose the lighter skin tone for her, but those white bodies are so hard to find...maybe I could get away with the normal-toned one.

Should I make her a mini? Minis are cute but I have a hard time sewing clothes for them. I also could use my spare Dynamite body, but I don't really like the anime-style head options NDR offers. ^__^;

Oh well, worry about that later. I hooked up the SNES last night and finally started playing Seiken Densetsu 3. To think I bought that game two years ago! It's not bad at all, but the Japanese text is a bit distorted on my TV and hard to read.

I managed to get some Volks Makeup Remover from Minako! :D Looks like Miyako-chan will be having a face-up in time for her new kite purple eyes!