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Freezing freezing freezing! ^o^

Yeah, it's pretty cold today, and windy. I could use some green tea but the only kind we have has herbs in it...I'm drinking it anyway!

::hates herbal tea::

I'd love to take a nice warm bath tonight. Will my skin let me? I only have one package of the oatmeal bath stuff left.

Last night I saw a set report for the third Harry Potter movie on TV sandwiched in between irritating celebrity gossip news. o_o I had figured it would just deal with the child actors, but when they showed a preview clip at the beginning of the program I saw Lupin there, clear as day! And then, the agony of having to sit through news about Wynonna Judd being arrested and the phenomally ugly Paris Hilton's sex tape! I was going to start punching the TV screen. But yeah, I got a few nice looks at David Thewlis as Lupin frolicking in the woods with Dan Radcliffe. He looked like he was at death's door, and apparently he has, in addition to a moustache, the same "crap goatee" he had in Divorcing Jack. As far as I can see. Don't call me on that, though! The notion doesn't really bother me. Other people have been bothered by the way he looks, but you know, after you see him in six different films (eight if you count James and the Giant Peach and Hamilton Mattress) he's just a nice, familiar face.

What I want to know is, why it that when people thought EwanEwanEwan was playing Lupin they were prepared for him to have the full Jedi beard, but now that they know that David Thewlis has facial hair they can't deal with it? I can't stand the way some people take their dissatisfaction to a new level and start making personal attacks on the actor. From what I can gather from the interviews he's a very nice man, quiet and very sensitive but with a goofy streak. It makes me bristle to hear people make cracks about the way he looks because he's made cracks about his own appearance to the point where he seems fairly neurotic about it. That's just not right. Besides, Malcolm McDowell is jealous of his beauty! ::laughs:: ^o^

Hrm...onto other topics. Wind wind wind wind.