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Icky Icky Icky.

I'm having an allergy attack :D.

I got a few...items in the mail last week that I'm saving for Christmas. For mail-order stuff start in September, right? ^__^ Anyway, I'm not planning on buying much, but I did get my Antique Rose fluorite eyes.

I'm not going to show them off until I have Ciel customized, but they're lovely! They're a kind of light periwinkle color with a mint green rim. I know that A.R makes gradation eyes in fluorite as well, but I think the basic color is pretty enough. Not that I don't crave those gradation eyes, ha ha!

The other thing that came in the Crescent Shop order was my.....Volks Albert doll. You know, that one with the long blond hair and the face of a beautiful young girl? As soon as I found out that he was a guy I couldn't resist. I asked Masamichi-san about him a looooong time ago, and while I was waiting for him to come in I looked everywhere for a close-up picture of him to make sure I wasn't making a bad choice. I never found one. ^_^;.....When he finally came home, I was surprised at how pretty and detailed his eyeprint is. He looks like Raughla13's big brother (or sister?). Volks commercial dolls seldom catch my eye any more, but I'm very pleased with him. I had to gift-wrap him and stow him in my closet to keep myself from poking at him!

Kristen and I made roast beef for dinner last night. (Actually, she did most of it and I washed the dishes). Roast beef usually ends up tasting like crap but this particular recipe had us dry-age the meat for three days in the refrigerator, sear it on the stovetop and bake it in the oven at 250 degrees until the internal temperature was 135 degrees (my preference.) Then we had to spread homemade herb-garlic butter on the top before we sliced it. It was fantastic! :D I guess that aging is the key! And the low cooking temperature ^_^;;...

Zzzzzz...I've been wanting to see Black Beauty (a movie in which David Thewlis makes an appearance for ten minutes)but they've been showing it consistently at six o'clock in the morning. Luck would have it that I found the DVD on sale at Amazon.com. n_n I hear it's a good movie anyway, but from the screen-snaps I've seen of him David Thewlis is like an angel in that one. Kukuku....HA HA HA! And he has tuberculosis! :D

I have a few things I can do tonight. I wonder what I'll end up doing? 6_6

I seem to be making a lot of typos lately.


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Nov. 12th, 2003 04:32 am (UTC)
OOOH! I love the Fluorite, can't wait to see your pics!
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