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My sinuses feel icky tonight. It's Halloween but I'm not doing anything about it. I think we might have had some kids over a while ago. Who knows?

It's strange to be able to take a real bath for the first time in three years. I put this colloidal oatmeal stuff in the water because otherwise my skin would probably shrivel up and bleed ^_^;;.....I think I like baths too much. It's nice to have something I can do to relax that doesn't involve spending money. ^o ^

I raked some leaves. I figured I need the training for when it snows and I have to do the shoveling. I gave up way too easily, though. I think some of the neighbors hire someone to do that stuff for them, or have all sorts of contraptions--which is a bit ridiculous considering we have the biggest yard on the street. Phooey. I'm young and able-bodied, I should be able to rake dead leaves off 3/4 of an acre of land, right?

::pokes sinuses::