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What To Do?

So if everything works out Mimi/Ciel will be shipped out next week. I haven't received my credit card bill yet, so I can't tell if Frank took a deposit for her. Well, there isn't any reason why I wouldn't get her, right? ^____^;;;....I'm still not sure where I'll be able to stow her for the next two months. I'll probably have to clear out a space under my bed but that just feels so wrong!

I actually saw a pair of Antique Rose fluorite eyes on Yahoo!Japan a few days ago. They didn't look like the picture on their site; they were actually light purple with a mint green rim. Nice! Masamichi tells me that my pair should be in in two to three weeks. I still haven't decided what wig I'm going to use for Ciel--I had originally thought the white straight one but maybe the short blue one would be good? I really, really wish I could have put my hands on some Volks purple eyelashes. I have until December 25--maybe it's not too late to ask Masamichi? I did buy some dark brown ones, but I saw a lovely Megu13 with purple eyelashes and I thought she was quite striking. Frank had them on a preorder list a while back but not the last one. Phooey. I had been counting on that.

I'm not sure what to do with myself tonight! I just painted a doll so that's not an option. I can't decide whether or not I'm satisfied with the way Arisa came out. I didn't have any trouble in the process of painting her but she looks kind of stoned to me ^^;;....It usually takes me a good week to get used to a doll I just painted. I should be happy I didn't feel the urge to snap my brush in two when I was working on her.