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Arisa's Makeover.

Haven't written in a while, have I? I haven't been up to much of anything, but I told myself that I wouldn't post again unless I had something worthwhile to write about. n_n...

I finally repainted Arisa #2 (don't ask me why I made two Arisas, I was just stupid). I wasn't going to do the pink-eye thing again because I thought it'd look too garish, but maybe it would've been a travesty if I hadn't done it:

I had to put a lot of Water Wax in her hair to keep it from sticking up! I guess she came out okay. I still have a few boys to repaint, but somehow I felt like doing a girl tonight.

I watched two movies last night that might be worth mentioning. One of the premium channels was showing this '80's movie called The Apple that supposedly was so bad that it was pulled from theaters within a week of coming out. I missed the first thirty minutes of it but it was an absolute scream (never thought I'd say that about anything!)! ^____^;;;....I have to see the whole thing soon, words cannot describe how hilarious it was. Later on I finally sat myself down to watch The Crying Game, which is a very good movie in my opinion. Jude probably tops my list of most hated movie characters of all time! ^o^