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Today. Yesterday. Thanksgiving. It was nothing impressive, but nothing bad happened, so I guess I can't complain. The turkey was....ehh.......Mom burst into my room all of a sudden at around 2:30 informing me that the pop-up timer popped up, and would I please check the bird with the meat thermometer?

I stuck it in the breast and watched in chagrin as the temperature gauge shot up. I yanked it out when it reached 172 degrees--I couldn't bear to watch! The breast is supposed to be done at 165 at the most. 180 is only for the legs. Our bird was toast. ;_; Dry as a bone. Oh well, I never liked turkey, anyway!

Kristen made cranberry sauce. It was good!

::never gonna let anyone cook anything unsupervised in this house ever again::

Tales of Destiny 2 came out in Japan yesterday. I don't know when I going to get my copy. I visited some Japanese pages, and what I've heard about the game is pretty strange. I'm trying hard not to spoil myself or anyone else....but I have to say that I'm going to punish those online game sites for spreading the rumor that Judas is an antagonist! Can those people even read Japanese? Grumble grumble grumble.....

I'm almost finished with rooting the hair for Emilie's doll. I told you I work fast! Well, maybe not that fast, but.....I haven't decided what color eyes to give her. If I want to keep true to "my" style I guess I can make them red. Heh...that will be interesting! I'm not sure when I'll finish this doll, but I don't want to rush and do a lazy job. Dum dum dum....

I saw a white-skinned old Rio on Yahoo!Japan. Apparently you can get the old head through FCS system. I'm not sure why, but that doll looked pretty ugly to me! Maybe the eyes were too small, maybe I don't like beauty white after all? Her makeup was so garish, she looked like a clown.

My red Volks glass eyes should be in pretty soon. I'm looking forward to them! I'm hoping that HLJ will pick up those white bodies in some quantity. As far as I can see, they aren't Doll Point Limited.