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Waste of Time.

Last night I saw the premiere of that J-Lo movie Maid in Manhattan on some premium channel...whatever. I had tuned in for a laugh because I don't like J-Lo at all. Now, I can honestly say that the 90+ minutes I wasted watching that movie would've been better spent plunging my toilet. That was a bad, bad movie. I'm sorry. I've heard good things about Ralph Fiennes, but now that he's been in a movie with J-Lo how is he going to live it down? His American accent was horrible. O_O Bad movies can be fun, but this one was just....ridiculous. I feel cheated. I should've just gone in my room and worked on my SD sweater.

I'm wondering when the next Volks shipment will come in. I thinking that it's much too early for me to be wondering about it. I can't help it. I'm such a worrywart! What if something happened and my preorder for Mimi didn't go through? I placed it via the order form, and I did receive an echo, but.....it's rainy and dreary outside, and my brain is doing somersaults in my head.

All I have to do with my sweater is knit the back and assemble. Ha. I worked on it a lot this weekend.