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Pic O'the Evening:

Miyako and Saffron. Miyako's wearing Saffron's Volks blue-green eyes. I can't wait until her kite purple eyes come in! I feel badly about how I treat Miyako; she was my first ever SD and I hardly ever treat her to anything. I still have dreams of winning the lottery and opening up a refuge for unwanted MSDs. When a nice new Super Dollfie is released they're usually the first ones to go! The minis were what attracted me to SDs initially. I didn't like the icy cold model look of the standard SDs and fell in love with the cuddly Myu, Maggie and Sakura. Of course, it turned out that the old standard makeup was to blame for most of my aversion to the earlier SDs! But the minis still hold a special place in my heart. ^__^


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Sep. 11th, 2003 08:51 pm (UTC)
Hooray for minis! I was also drawn to the look of the MSD girls--Miyoko really is my dream SD, which is why she was my first.

Your little girls look so precious together in their flowery outfits :-)

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