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Cat food.

In my endless quest to find high quality chicken or turkey canned cat food that doesn't give my cat diarrhea, I've found that Lucas really likes Weruva Cats in the Kitchen "Fowl Ball." He's been eating it for two days with no ill effects. I personally think that it looks gross, but of all the food I've tried with him over the past few weeks it's the one he goes the craziest for; he also did well with Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau (chicken in consomme) and Koolina Luau (chicken and egg in consomme).

I'm getting the impression that Wellness is too rich for him to keep as his mainstay wet food.

I've also been gradually switching out his Maine Coon formula dry food with Acana Wild Prairie. The vet says to give him whatever "normalizes" him, but he generally seems to do better with the grain-free food. He hadn't had tummy troubles until I gave him non-core Wellness. I think that food has waaaay too many vegetables for this cat.