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Onto My Next Visual Novel.

I finished the first Steins;Gate fandisc a few days ago. I can't believe that it took me almost 2 months! I think that the game is about 17 hours long. And to think that I finished Moratorium in 3 days...

So now I'm venturing back into the world of otome gaming with the Vita version of Hakuoki. I'm at the beginning of Chapter 2 so far, and I have to confess that language-wise it is probably the hardest game I've played so far. I guess it's because it's historical fiction, but jeez--it makes Getsuei no Kusari look like cake. So I've decided to stop acting like a victim and start using my Nintendo DS kanji dictionary to look everything up. It's been very useful so far. Good lord. Since Hakuoki is pretty much mainstream, I hadn't expected the Japanese to be difficult to understand.

Ranking the visual novels I've played in order of difficulty of language from easiest to hardest, I would go like this: Diabolik Lovers, Steins;Gate, Amnesia, Getsuei no Kusari, Hakuoki. I didn't have to look anything up for the first two. I think I need more training.