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Poor Kitty.

We were working in the front yard today when a little black cat we've never seen before walked across the lawn. We have a lot of neighborhood cats, and I'm used to seeing them napping in our yard, but they usually either glower at me or run off once they take notice of me. But this one walked right up and started rubbing itself against Kristen's legs ^_^;....Mom hates cats and she wasn't happy, but Kristen and I enjoyed the little kitty sniffing around us for a while. It had a collar with a bell on it, and was so tiny it probably was still a kitten.

Eventually we found out that it belonged to someone down the street who has 12 cats. We've had at least three living under our steps in the cold weather. I have to wonder, is it safe to let such a young cat wander around outside all the time? It made it across the street, but it just sat there on the other side meow-ing. I half-wondered if I should have picked it up and brought it to safety, but I was afraid it would scratch me. How bad is a cat scratch, anyway? =_= I've never really had a pet before. My mother's always hated cats in particular, but I've always had a soft spot for them. It really bothers me when people neglect their pets. We have poisonous plants growing in the brush. We also live on a somewhat busy side-street in the suburbs, and I hope the poor kitty can make it over later!