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I had a hard time sleeping last night because of all that trouble on DOA. It really frustrates me when people won't listen to reason.

I got an email from Minako about my order that's come in. She opened up a bit about the situation on Den of Angels....she seems pretty upset about it, but I think she's handling it well. She explained about her transaction with That Person. All of the things that the people who were defending Minako insisted on were true! Minako did place the order, and she ran into trouble when the doll was delayed and she couldn't convince That Person to trust her when she couldn't say when the doll would come in. I don't know if it's appropriate for me to mention this here in public, but I'm sure that not many people read this journal and I think it needs to be said in a semi-open location that That Person either tuned out Minako's explanation or deliberately omitted parts of her transaction in order to create more sympathy for herself. I'm sure she was genuinely upset, but she refused to realize that if she got her way, Minako would end up suffering much more than she is now. That's all I have to say.

I wonder if anyone's seen the new Meimei on the Volks page? I would've posted her somewhere, but the picture was just a thumbnail. Amanda just looks like a silver-haired Amanda, but Meimei....looks like a completely different doll. Apparently, something has "happened" to her to change her appearance. I can't tell that much from such a small picture, but I think so far she looks really cute! :D

I hear they're making new SD13 dolls soon. I wonder who they'll be? I bet one of them will be Mimi. Maybe the other one will be Rio? when it comes down to it, who's left?

That SD13 boy, Michael, really looks like a woman! He's pretty cute, though....in an effeminate sort of way. I don't like Chris or Lucas, strangely enough, considering how popular they are. They kind of look like Bryan Adams, to me, at least ! ^______^;;.....too much realism!

I saw what probably was New Makeup Mimi, and....her makeup looked kind of funny to me. I guess that if I got her I'd fully repaint her face. Fuu........


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Nov. 24th, 2002 01:01 pm (UTC)
=o_<=;;; Oh ye gosh. Poor Minako! I can't believe that this all happened. I really can't. Argh. Why are people so duuuumb...

Eek! That's MeiMei? I thought it was an entirely new doll. Urk. Maybe I should worry about trying to get some new Angels before I get Myu... =^^=;;; I want, hmm, all four of them? =^^=;;;
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