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Queen of the Garden.


All the other roses have their problems, but Quietness really is perfect in every way. She's healthy, prolific, rain-tolerant and even has a fragrance this year. As a garden plant, she's worth her weight in gold. I heard that she can get diseases on the West Coast or something, but here in CT, the blackspot/powdery mildew/rose slug capital of the world, she fully lives up to her hype. I am very grateful for this rose. I am grateful that none of our current roses are as crappy as Moondance.

I think the copper sulfate might have worked on Siren's Keep. Evelyn #1 still has a few spots, but frankly we have roses with waaay worse disease resistance than Evelyn. Like Heirloom. And poor lovely Prairie Star. And Rose de Rescht. The list could go on...