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A Force of Nature.


Quite a few of our roses are starting to bloom right now, but I can't stop mooning over Marianne. Yes, it's Marianne again!

This fabulous bloom is from Marianne #2, which is blooming a lot more than #1 this year. I think that she smells best in hot weather, when the myrrh notes fade and the peach scent remains. I think that she smells the most like David Austin Rose "Tamora," even though I don't think they have any common ancestors. Or do they?

I love Marianne. Since I only use insecticidal soap for bug control, her leaves have been munched on a bit, but she's still blooming her heart out. Now that we have a new garden bed, I keep joking that it'd be a good place for Marianne #3...I know I'm being self-indulgent. But I can dream, can't I?