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Still Waiting For Blooms.

I'm not sure which rose will bloom first this spring. Belle de Crecy? Rook? Last year it was Polareis, but even though that rose has grown pretty large and has many buds none of them are showing signs of opening any time in the upcoming week.

I'm very proud of Felicite Parmentier so far this spring, considering that last spring she didn't do much more than shoot out a sucker. And then another sucker. I don't know when she's going to bloom, but she's been popping out more buds every day. I'm glad she's being so generous, because Allegra is being a finicky brat this year and only put out two buds. I wonder what the problem is?

I'm also proud of Charles de Mills and Duchesse de Montebello for actually putting out viable buds. Considering how small both plants were when I got them last summer, I'm impressed that they already look like respectable shrubs!

James Mason is still getting molested pretty badly by rose slugs. They've always been the biggest problem for us during May and June. I can never catch them in the act, so I can never kill them. I'm hoping that eventually he'll get too big for the caterpillars to ravage completely. They also have been messing with Madame Hardy, but I think she's tough enough to withstand their slime and greedy little mouths. Siren's Keep also looks like crap right now. Bad luck, I guess...