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Aching Back.

I've noticed that I've been slouching lately, and I'm trying my best to sit up straight as I type this post. It makes my back hurt! But I do admire people with good posture and I'm not going to revert.

I'm still not quite back in the swing of things computer-wise. I'm confused about how to work on my page, but once I receive my DSL user info and can stay logged on for a while without worrying about tying up the phone line things will improve.

My WTG outfits came tonight! ^o^ All in all I think they're very cute, but my favorite is the red pleated dress that had first caught my eye when Frank put the preorder up. I put in on my Volks Jin Asuka doll, and she looks very pretty! I'll take pictures later.

This morning, looking at Emilio wearing the honey gold curl wig tied back with a ribbon, I had an idea. I love the soft bangs on that wig style and I'm not exactly satisfied with the current Volks boy wigs. Why don't I buy a curl wig instead and cut it to collar length? I've seen it done before--the Shino, Lagla and Claudia SDs that were auctioned off by Volks all had soft curl wigs that were cut short. I don't like the stiff look that some of the current boy wigs have. If I get a curl wig and cut it, the hair will have a nice natural wave. Hmmm....

Mix wine would be nice..maybe light gold. Some kind of dark brown?