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My Baby.

It's hard to believe that on the 29th of this month my little BooBoo will be turning seven years old. If he were a human being he'd be 45. It feels like only yesterday that we brought Lucas home as a 3.5lb kitten who was so small that I could hold him in two hands like a can of soda. As an adult, when he stands on his hind legs he's almost 3 feet tall.

He hasn't changed much since we brought him home. He loves being petted but hates sitting on laps, and loses his marbles about 3 times a day, streaking around the house and making goblin noises. My little BooBoo. I wish he could live to be 100. I keep telling myself that he still has a long life ahead of him, and that we're lucky that out of those seven years he's been on this planet, he only belonged to someone else for 3 months. But time passes for everyone, and my kitten is approaching middle age. Time moves way too fast for our pets!