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Breakthroughs in Life!

Well...maybe not so much. But after being beaten and tormented by my hair for decades, I finally found a hairstyle that suits me: the crown braid!

Unfortunately it's not the kind of style you can do on yourself.

I also finally managed to find a makeup foundation that doesn't turn my skin orange: Joppa Minerals Simple Radiance in Cream Puff. Yeah! I am now officially the master of my own fate!

Also, I gave Filbert a perfect orange tonight in Animal Crossing and he gave me an 800,000 bell throne in return. It is crazy ugly and looks like something Serpentor would sit on in G.I. Joe, but jeez! Thanks, Filbert!

The only villager I don't have a picture from is Ankha, the newcomer. I've only been playing a little every day, now. Boy am I sick of Animal Crossing.