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What is up with me?

In spite of our historically harsh winter, my rose fatalities of 2013-2014 are tentatively zero. I had to splint Alchymist with duct tape, though, one-cane-wonder that it is. I wasn't sure about the cold-hardiness of Claire Austin, but it seems to have survived just fine. I'm glad, because that rose was one of my favorites last year!

I finished playing Amnesia V Edition a few weeks ago. I'll keep my comments spoiler-free because I'm too lazy to do a cut. I'll just say that my personal character ranking goes like this: Ikki>Orion>>>>>>>>>>>>Ukyou>>>>>>>>>>>>Kent>Shin>>>>>>>>>>>>Touma. Really, the only date-able character I'd touch with a ten-foot pole is Ikki, but Orion was cute just the same. I heard that the anime really sucks. I'll probably never watch it. I might get the fan disks some day because Ikki is hot and I love his voice. Too bad they are really expensive.

I also have been watching anime at night. I don't remember the last time I've sat down and watched anime. Most recent shows don't appeal to me, and I assumed I just outgrew anime in general. Just the same, I've accumulated a lot of box sets over the past few years that I've never watched. Over the past month I've watched the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series (not bad for someone like me who's seen the OVA series and read the manga, maybe a B+) and Princess Tutu (the first two episodes didn't impress me, but I wound up loving the show in the end). I'm currently watching Tekkaman Blade 2 and it kind of sucks, but it's entertaining just the same. At least it was cheap, LOL...