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Ankha Alert!

Nooo mooooooore snoooooowwww.....

I started up my Animal Crossing: New Leaf file during my morning tea. Since Kidd moved out on the 10th and I'm down to nine villagers again, I've been biting my nails waiting for someone cool to show up in my campsite to take his place. While he was taking his time moving out I missed out on Chrissie (peppy rabbit) and Peanut (peppy squirrel). But this morning I found none other than the much-sought-after Ankha (Egyptian-themed snooty cat) in my campsite. She was a tough one to win over, but I got her!

I guess that since I have no peppy or smug villagers now, and the only other villager I plan on letting go is Cesar, I'm closing the door on a lot of possibilities. I don't mind having another snooty villager; I just didn't want another jock or lazy one. I have two lazies already, and Pierce is enough jock for me. I like villagers that stay up late!

That means that once I get rid of Cesar I'm going to have to take a peppy or smug villager and deal with the fact that I'll be missing one type. Big deal. The only smug villagers I'm accepting are Ken, Colton or Julian. I'd love Marshall, but Kristen already has him and since I visit her town so often that would just feel odd.