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Life in Bizarro.

My Animal Crossing village, that is. I've been playing New Leaf for 450 hours, which is the longest time I've spent playing any game in my entire life, ha ha! I've tried to shake things up a bit by redecorating my basement with furniture from Graciegrace's Gorgeous line, dressing like a Christmas tree and kicking some stale, old villagers out of town. As of 2/10, these are my villagers:

Savannah (normal zebra)
Cherry (uchi dog)
Punchy (lazy cat)
Pierce (jock eagle)
Willow (snooty sheep)
Cesar (cranky gorilla)
Filbert (lazy squirrel)
Alice (normal koala)
Wolfgang (hot cranky wolf)

Kidd the smug goat is moving out tomorrow, thank glob. I'm planning on getting rid of Cesar when he "pings" me next time because when you have a hot wolf you don't need another cranky villager. I'm not planning on letting anyone else go. I'd really like to get a peppy villager to replace Kidd. The only smug villagers I'll tolerate are Ken (ninja chicken!), Colton, Julian or Marshall. I don't need the cheap flirtations of a smug villager when I have a hot wolf in town!

I am also playing My First Otome Game: Amnesia for the Vita. I'm starting the last route, LOL. There is only one guy in this entire game I'd be willing to bang. The rest of them are creepers. I'll post more about that when I'm finished, LOL.