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After 200+ hours of gameplay, Bangle has finally announced that she's too cute for my village and wants to move out on the 23rd. I shed tears of joy! I tried to amuse myself with her by giving her a Thundercats-inspired catchphrase, but from the beginning I thought that she was ugly and annoying. I'm not a huge fan of the peppy villagers. I originally had two until I got rid of peppy anteater Pango, only have her replaced with jock anteater Antonio. =_=

At this point, the only villagers who haven't even tried to leave once are Willow and Cherry. I'm thinking that I'll let Antonio, Kidd and Cesar exit at the next chance. I am especially furious that Kidd had the balls to send me a common wall in the mail today. He's toast! Punchy, Pierce, Cherry and Willow are leaving over my dead body. I'm on the fence about Savannah...she's quite boring, but at least she's expressive.

I finally figured out that you can scout your tenth villager from the campsite, LOL. And lazy squirrel Filbert is moving into Pango's old spot tomorrow. He is kind of cute, but not as cute as Marshall. Kristen actually has Marshall in her village, and since I've visited her I have no hope of getting him in my village unless he leaves her. She had much better starter villagers than I did, but I still have Punchy!! I'm also very fond of Pierce, even though he appears to be much more popular in Japan than America.