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A New World Order?

Now that our 30+year old lilac hedge has been removed and, on the insistence of our next-door-neighbor (who at least was willing to pay half) has been replaced by a six-foot tall, fifty-foot long white "virgin vinyl" fence with a lattice top, the new world order has begun. It's time for Constance Spry!


After, what better replacment for a huge once-blooming lilac hedge than a huge once-blooming rose?

Since the fence is quite long, we also are going to try to squeeze these roses in along with AUSfirst.

AUSnyson aka Lady of Shalott:


AUSglobe aka Brother Cadfael:


Rosarium Uetersen:


Damask Rose Leda:


AUSvibrant aka Young Lycidas:


Glob Willing. LOL!

Just don't talk to me about clashing colors. I really don't give a rat's ass!