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Wrapping it up for 2013.

We're supposed to have our first real frost this week. I don't know if that will put a stop to our roses for good for 2013, but I'm preparing to say goodbye until next spring.

I'm not sure if this year has made me more or less optimistic about rose gardening. Some of my favorite roses from last year (Iobelle, Enchanted Autumn and Evelyn) did quite poorly this year, and others like Marianne and Quietness did much better.

I'm disturbed by what's been going on with Felicite Parmentier this year--last year she was a tiny, pokey thing and this year she's been shooting suckers all over her flowerbed like some kind of Lovecraftian horror. She at least seems to have an excellent resistance to blackspot!

I think that my favorite roses of this year for health and beauty are Quietness, Carding Mill, Claire Austin, Crown Princess Margareta and Heritage. I've heard a lot of people talk smack about Claire Austin, but she's been a real gem. She's one of the only roses that got neither PM nor BS. Heritage has a few spots right now, but nothing major. Unfortunately, both Lady Emma Hamilton and Prairie Star completely defoliated. What the hey?!