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A Little Good With The Bad.

An October Rose. by Leenechan
An October Rose., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Lovely Quietness continues to be lovely.

Aside from the BS that's been going on in our country lately, Mother Nature has managed to extort another $2000 from our household. According to our next door neighbor, that lightning strike that fried $800 out of us in September had actually hit the pine tree at the back of our house and temporarily set it ablaze. The things the fire department doesn't tell you! Our neighbor said that it left a huge split in the tree, and because of its proximity to our house we needed to get it looked at by a tree service ASAP.

Of course our home owner's insurance will only cover $500 of the lightning damage. They said they need the tree to fall on our house and cause a roof failure before we can get coverage for the extraction.

Just the same, we had no choice but to have that tree cut down this week. We also lost our 30+ year old lilac hedge because otherwise the tree guys would have no place to park the wood chipper. There goes our privacy barrier...LOL...at least we still have the yellow lilac.

So really, the past two weeks have sucked. It's hard to enjoy your birthday when you're biting your nails waiting to see if your country is going to default on its debts. Also, both my parents are federal employees, but since they're vital employees at a VA hospital they didn't get furloughed.