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Forgot about Genevieve!

Beautiful Blue! by Leenechan
Beautiful Blue!, a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

She's a Celebrate Christmas Kurhn that Kristen rerooted for me with Dollyhair Nylon in Mermaid a few weeks ago. Isn't she pretty?

I just finished rerooting a Talented Cook Kurhn myself tonight. I'll probably post her tomorrow, if I can keep my head screwed on straight!

800 dollars' worth of repairs later, our household has pretty much returned to normal. I guess I should be grateful that this lightning strike business happened at the end of thunderstorm season and not the beginning. Otherwise I'd really be a nut right now!

Nothing much else to report around here. The garden is showing off its autumn stuff right now--the asters, Japanese anemones and sweet autumn clematis. Those roses are pretty much winding down for the year. I can't believe that our tiny Reine des Violettes is now about 3 times the size of Reine Victoria! Also, both Mariannes are lumping huge!