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The Face of Hettie. by Leenechan
The Face of Hettie., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Hettie is really cute.

Lady Emma Hamilton makes nice cut flowers.

Scepter'd Isle is not photogenic at all in my yard.

Polareis is probably the furthest on its way to becoming a real shrub.

Lavender Lassie and Alchymist, both being Kordes roses, have a strange bond and are both destined to be 50 inch one cane wonders.

Felicite Parmentier is an evil, evil rose who has taken revenge on me for trash-talking her pokey growing by putting a hex on every other rose in her bed, causing them to defoliate from blackspot. (those would be Evelyn, Rose de Rescht, Cupcake and Ambridge Rose, boo hoo!)

Mystery Musk Rose is a rebloomer. Possibly Darlow's Enigma.