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Putting them in the ground.

Quietness of Many Petals. by Leenechan
Quietness of Many Petals., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Well, Quietness here has been in the ground since June 2012 and is looking good. We just ended up having to sink Lady Emma Hamilton and Princess Alexandra of Kent. I had been planning on keeping both of those roses are potted plants, but AUSbrother got waaaay too big in her first year, and I thought that since AUSmerchant has been having problems with powdery mildew she'd be better off in the ground in an airy location. So she's been planted near Duc de Guiche #1 and Heritage. Lady Emma Hamilton has been planted in front of Alchymist, and near Darcey Bussell. I do like orange and deep red/purple roses planted together. They make me think of peach melba!

Next roses to go in the ground are Wildeve and Reine des Violettes. That's right...our puny little Hybrid Perpetual has finally decided to fill out her pot. And Wildeve has been looking so damn chlorotic for the entire season that I'd have to think he'd do better in the ground. I have my fingers crossed.

I repotted Julia Child this evening. She is looking fly in her new green 5 gallon pot!