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Despondent Rose Gardener.

I miss my Old Garden Roses big time. They bloomed their hearts out before the beetles and blackspot reared their ugly heads in my garden. Poor Evelyn has almost completely defoliated from BS in spite of my spraying. Rose de Rescht has it too. I think they caught it from Cupcake. Damn you, Cupcake!

I can't believe that Enchanted Autumn hasn't produced a single flower so far this year. What the hell, man? It was such a good rose last year.

Quietness, Simon Estes, Margo Koster and Julia Child are all good kids this year, though. Prairie Star was doing fine until the beetles got to her, LOL...Honeysweet has also been a reliable bloomer. Darcey Bussell has turned out to be a great grower and bloomer, but Lady Emma Hamilton needs to go to beauty school. Her flowers have not been pretty at all in our extreme heat.

Heritage #2 turned out to be Ambridge Rose after all. Both Mariannes 1 and 2 have grown like beasts and are now the same size in spite of one being one year older than the other. I guess she wins the apricot rose death match, after all! Our little six-inch Alchymist has also shot up a huge vertical cane and will need to go in the ground this year, after all. So it hasn't all been bad. It's just been mostly ugly. Damn beetles are ruining everything. They trashed Prairie Sunrise's latest flush, boo hoo!

Reine des Violettes is looking much better, but her canes are so delicate that I fear planting her this year.