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The Pony Brigade Marches On.

I finished rerooting the common-as-dirt background pony Cherry Berry this afternoon in a blend of Lemon Blond and Color Magic Yellow Saran. I am really stumped about how to style her hair, because in the flash animation it looks like it's melting yellow crayon.


I'm thinking I'll curl the bangs under in sections like Kristen did with the Sleeping Beauty commission she did awhile back. As for the mane and tail...maybe I'll use milkshake straw rollers like I did with Princess Luna and cut the mane pretty short. Or should I do twist ties for really small curls like I did with my Fire Emblem Avatar doll? I hadn't thought about that before...

I got the Nightmare Moon set from TRU last week. Eventually I'll fix up everypony but Nightmare Moon, and maybe sell Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, provided I don't damage their necks in any way. Flower Wishes will be fun--she's basically Pinkie Pie with lime green hair, and maybe the curl pattern is reversed. Lemony Gem in the show doesn't look like the palette-swapped Rarity she's depicted as on the box. I think she's cute as heck and I hope I don't have to use nylon to match her hair color!


The Trixie toy is cute...but too bad I hate Trixie!

I'm working on Twilight right now. The navy blue hair looks good on her, but really different.