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Roses that make me happy.

Right now, I'm most pleased with Margo Koster, Darcey Bussell, Julia Child, Prairie Star and ::gasp:: Scepter'd Isle. They all have a lot of flowers and no foliar diseases. At the start of the season I never would have thought that Margo Koster, burned-out little twig that it was, would fill out and blossom into a lovely and generous potted rose. Unfortunately, she isn't easy to photograph!

Scepter'd Isle has turned out to be a real cutie with her bunches of pastel pink flowers. I guess I shouldn't have talked smack about her. You really never know how these roses are going to turn out.

I finished rerooting both Princess Luna and Fluttershy. They both just have to be styled a second time for their curls. Cutting out Fluttershy's neckpost was an absolute nightmare. The pegasus ponies are especially thin around the front of their necks, and I cut into her body a little bit with the Exacto knife. I don't think the mark is too noticeable, but still...

There really is no easy way around it. I'm starting to figure out a technique that causes minimal damage to the pony but it's a very tough job. I tried this out on Twilight Sparkle and I managed to remove her tail without hurting her.

I kept dipping her neck into a cup of boiling water (I had to do two rounds because the first cup cooled off after about 15 minutes), holding it under for one minute at a time to soften the plastic. I used a tiny glasses screwdriver to gently dig into the seam between the post and the neck--but I only cut out the back half of the plug, just enough so I could bend the post forward, reach into the body with a crochet hook and pull out the tail. As long as I can get a 3 inch soft sculpture needle in through the tail hole from the outside and through the opening I made I should be able to re-tail her without a problem. This is what I ended up having to do with Fluttershy once I realized that the rubber around the front of her neck was too thin to cut into. It still took me almost an hour to do this. Phew!