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Ah hah hah...

I just finished re-hairing a Princess Luna. I don't think her coloring will ever be accurate considering her design, but I'd at least like to aim for a more accurate hairstyle. I love Luna's look to pieces but I'm not willing to paint a rubber pony body with acrylic paint for the sake of accuracy. I rerooted her with a blend of Looking Glass blue and Sapphire Blue saran and underooted her mane with a blue/silver/purple blend to simulate the transparent part. She still needs to be boil-set and styled. I have no idea what she's going to look like in the end.

The terrible part is that you can't cut out and remove the neck post on an alicorn pony to access the tail through the hollow body. I struggled with hobby knives, hair dryers and boiling water for four hours before I realized that the alicorns have a solid neck post that you can't remove. If you want to access the tail you have to remove the wings and go from there. Unfortunately they are very easy to break.

Since this is my first experience with rehairing an alicorn and most customizers say it's like hell, I've decided to leave Luna with her old tail and add some Violet Iris plugs to her hairline to coordinate with her mostly purple tail. Fudge. At least I didn't do any significant damage to her body. I just hate not being able to do a complete reroot on this pony. I put a lot of work into Luna's mane. For the three ponies I've done so far I've doubled the volume of the mane and added a small part just behind the ears so I can sweep the forelocks/bangs forward without leaving a gap. I tried to do even more hair for Luna because she has a lot of volume and her hair floats around her in the show...I hope I can do wonders with curlers. Who knows?

I'm not sure who I'll do next. I have a lot of base ponies but not very much hair left. Maybe Fluttershy? In spite of my bad experience with Luna I'd like to do another one with her Season One hairstyle and color.