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Why did it have to happen now?!

Uh, yeah. Just when I was thinking I was pretty cool for selling stuff on eBay and making money, it crossed my mind that National Console Support had said something about Ys: Eternal Story for the PS2 being released in August. I had preordered it late last year, when they said it was coming out in March. They kept pushing it forward and pushing it forward, and considering how much I've spent lately I told myself that they could keep on pushing it till the end of time. I hadn't bothered checking up on it lately because I figured it would never come out, but lo and behold, I have my copy of the game in my hands right now!

o_o....Well, I'm not entirely upset. I hadn't wanted to pay for it just now but I'm excited to play a video game that isn't a turn-based RPG. I'm thinking of Golden Sun Golden Sun Golden Sun. That game is wearing me out! Compared to the sequel it's very tedious. I probably would feel differently if I played the games in the proper order, but....=_=....I want my Felix party back! I want my combo tablets!

Of course, instead of trying out Ys I'll probably mooch around with the Sims. I hope it isn't too hard to understand. I'm assuming my Japanese is improving because I could make out what was being said in the screenshots. You'd think almost 4 years would be enough, but it's not. Oh, nooooo, it's not!

I will force myself to root some more of that head tonight. It's nearly the final stretch! I'm sure the mini head won't take long at all. It's too bad that I'm feeling itchy to get the materials for those other dolls I planned, but I need to learn to pace myself. It's embarrassing that I haven't even been trying to make 1/6 scale clothes.