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Pretty Claire Austin.

Ethereal Beauty. by Leenechan
Ethereal Beauty., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

She has a bit of a bad reputation, perhaps because she was hyped before her release into the wild. It's true that her flowers spot badly in the rain. She's a good grower and a good bloomer for us so far. She also smells like vanilla and lemon, very nice!

Her flowers don't look quite like what I expected. I thought she would be like a white version of AUSjo, but her blooms are much more puffy and full.

I'm wondering where the name AUSprior came from...I know that there was an old Austin rose called The Prioress that bore a resemblance to Claire Austin. I guess it's possible that CA was originally intended to be a new version of The Prioress like William Shakespeare 2000 and Wisley 2008 were to their predecessors.

I wonder if Princess Alexandra of Kent (AUSmerchant) was going to be Merchant of Venice?