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Merit badges for cutting roses...

...go to Polonaise, Distant Drums, Prairie Star, Heirloom, Honeysweet and Evelyn. Polonaise makes the best cutting rose, which is why I haven't photographed it yet--I clipped the first flower for a vase. Prairie Star was such an flimsy thing last year, but this year the cut flowers have been lasting in excess of four days!

I'm especially surprised at how pretty Distant Drums looks as a cut rose. In the bush those flowers blow open faster than the blink of an eye! I cut one was it was just starting to open and in a vase the flower has a beautiful and complex structure.

I don't know how long lasting the flowers on AUSjo are going to be in a vase, but they smell amazing. Me and my citrus-scented roses!

Madame Plantier and Prairie Harvest make terrible cut flowers.