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Farewell to Paul...

For this year, at least. Paul Ricault has finished blooming, and I must say that all four of his flowers were gorgeous. Unfortunately, he's a naughty boy who only blooms at the tops of his canes. We are going to have to peg him soon!

I don't think I've posted any photos of Claire Austin yet. I did take a few, but unfortunately her flowers have becomes martyrs to the elements, covered with hot pink rain spots. Good thing she's an ever-bloomer.

James Mason did open his first flower, but it was bug-mauled since birth and I didn't feel like sharing. I haven't been happy with this rose, but it's not his fault. The caterpillars just won't leave him alone. They even laid off Siren's Keep after awhile, but not James Mason!

For some reason, the only Gallicas we grow that don't get their buds ruined by bugs are the Barden hybrids. I've noted before that the caterpillars seem to hate Paul Ricault, which is probably why I love him so much right now, LOL...

Another rose I love right now is Chapeau de Napoleon, even if he got off to a rocky start. His flowers are just perfect to me--I adore big, squashy centifolias even more than perfectly quartered Gallicas. I kind of want to use one of his blooms to powder my face! His habit looks a bit stupid right now--he's got two short canes on one side and a 38-inch long cane on the other with at least eight buds hanging off it. He doesn't look quite as stupid as Mme. Hardy, though. She has a bunch of little canes at her base and a 52-inch monster growing out of her middle. She looks like she's flipping everyone the birdie! XD

I hope that the two day dry-out helps our roses out a little. Konigin von Danemark's flush has probably been ruined.