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Sunny Charlotte.

We have her planted next to Bartzella, and she looks to the whole world like Bartzella's Mini-Me!

We somehow ended up with two of these. It's a good thing that we like Charlotte a lot! She somewhat resembles Jude the Obscure, but lemon yellow as opposed to apricot, and with a strong tea fragrance. Thankfully she doesn't attract beetles like AUSjo!

Paul Ricault is another rose that doesn't seem to attract insects. The bugs really have it out for Folksinger and Siren's Keep.

I think that we'll probably be seeing flowers from Simon Estes, Paul Ricault, Gallicandy, Heritage and Crown Princess Margareta soon.

For some reason, Marianne #2 (the band we got this year) is growing like mad and has beautiful foliage, while Marianne #1 is having a hard time pulling herself together.

I'm usually the one who does the impulse rose buying, but Kristen has been keen on the centifolia rose Village Maid and alba rose Chloris. She ordered them both from RVR and while VM is just a good-sized band, the gallon-sized Chloris is about 4 feet tall!