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I Love Paloma Blanca.

More Paloma Blanca. by Leenechan
More Paloma Blanca., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

That's not my hand this time around, LOL. Kristen and I went out walking in the rain and she was kind enough to pin down PB so I could take a better picture.

Paloma Blanca is absolutely gorgeous and looks a lot like Prairie Star. I know that I've been obsessing over Austin roses, but frankly, a great Buck rose is worth 10+ Austin roses in my opinion. If PB continues to produce flowers like this and doesn't get mauled by thrips, she's be worth 50 Austins!

The only Austin roses I have that aren't mildewed are the ones I've had in the ground since last year, boo hoo...